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09-10-20 07:05:00,

Imagine! – Tomorrow, or one of these days, a gigantic earth or seaquake would shake the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific, or god-forbid, a meteorite would hit one of these Great Seas – triggering a monster tsunami that would devastate most of the US East Coast – New York, Washington, all the way up to Boston and all the way down to Miami; as well as the Western European Coastline, including the UK; London under water, the Bretagne (Britany) flooded – and flood waters would reach all the way to Paris.

Or, imagine a similar scenario at the US Pacific Coast: San Francisco, Los Angeles, devastated and Baja California outright disappeared under gigantic tidal waves. No global warming. Just Mother Nature. The cosmic forces.

Or, in yet another scenario, imagine, one of Washington’s presumptuous warmongers would through a preemptive act of arrogant stupidity trigger a nuclear war… the worst of all situations.

What would happen?

Covid would be gone at once.

From one moment to the next. The, oh-so deadly “pandemic”- that never was – but we were made believe – the so heavily touted contagion that just devastated during the months past the entire world economy, caused unfathomable suffering, misery, death by desperation, death by famine – death by suicide and mass human auto-destruction, death by associated causes by the millions, hundreds of millions, billions perhaps – that worst of all viral diseases humanity has ever known and suffered from – would suddenly come to a shrieking halt.

A genius virus – so genius, must be man-made – that hits the entire world, summer or winter – 193 UN member countries – at once – coincidentally beginning with the tolling of the bells into the Decade of the 2020s, triggering a global lockdown of 193 nations exactly at the same time – mid-March 2020. That genius non-visible enemy induces all 193 UN member governments to impose the same measures to save humanity – face masks that deprive you from properly breathing your life-supporting oxygen, social distancing – that prevents sharing and socializing with friends, lockdown of everything, shops, workplaces, entertainment, even a walk in the park is forbidden – all at once.

Every one of the 193 UN members experiences simultaneously the same predicament – a humongous danger to humanity.

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