Firefighters Extinguished 156 Fires in three Days in West and Central Syria


12-10-20 07:01:00, Syria fires

Starting last Friday, a large number of fires started in different areas in the forests across the provinces of Latakia and Tartous on the Syrian coast, and in the province of Homs, in total 156 fires started simultaneously and were extinguished by massive collective efforts over the past three days.

The Syrian firefighting stations in the three provinces and from other provinces joined by the Syrian Arab Army, Russian helicopters, and thousands of volunteers rushed to save Syria’s main forests and the breathing lung of the country.

156 fires suddenly starting in different locations do not happen by themselves, many observers said, they’re all insisting it’s the work of arsonists, pointing the fingers to the US and its ‘regime change’ agents. The Trump regime did not leave a chance without vowing to strangle the Syrians who do not like the ‘democracy’ force-exported to them by the country that oppresses its own citizens based on their skin color.

The videos is also available on BitChute.

The targeted forests are also the home of Syria’s most magnificent scenery and wildlife, were domestic and international tourists destination, and are the lands of much agricultural produce, mainly olives, and citrus.

In the Syrian coastal province of Latakia alone three people died in addition to the following were the results of these ‘mysterious’ fires:
70 people were treated for asphyxiation.
143 villages have been damaged.
78 blazes raged across the province.
27735 families have been affected by the blazes.

Syria forest fires - Latakia October 2020Syria forest fires - Latakia October 2020Syrian coastal firesSyrian coastal firesSyria firesSyria firesHeartbreaking image of before and after the fire in Syrian coastal forestsHeartbreaking image of before and after the fire in Syrian coastal forestsSyrian firefighter exhaustedSyrian firefighter exhaustedSyrian Arab Army heroes aiding in extinguishing the fireSyrian Arab Army heroes aiding in extinguishing the fire

Stealing Syrian oil, blowing up gas pipelines, destroying and dismantling electric power stations, burning wheat fields when its ripe for harvest, blocking the Syrian banking system and Syrian merchants from international markets by imposing sanctions on their foreign trade partners to further dry up the Syrian economy’s main sectors from the tools and equipment needed for survival are all the main foreign policy applied by the USA and its European lapdogs which they do not hide, rather they brag about their efforts in ‘helping the Syrian people achieve better life’ by destroying Syria’s self-sufficient economy.

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