Dogshit Presidents, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


16-10-20 08:32:00,

It’s extremely foolish to let monopolistic tech oligarchs have this unprecedented influence over the flow of information. I shouldn’t have to keep saying this, but here we are.

If online censorship keeps tightening, the internet will cease to be an information-democratizing tool of the people to any extent at all and will instead just enable ruling power structures to administer propaganda much more quickly and efficiently than they could previously.


“You should oppose censorship because it will eventually come for you too.”

This is only true of people who oppose the establishment power structures with which Silicon Valley oligarchs are aligned. It’s not true of establishment liberals, who know they’ll never be censored.


I have no idea what Alex Jones is even up to anymore. I used to see his face all the time, now I routinely forget he exists. That’s how powerful these Silicon Valley megacorporations are; they can completely disappear anyone from public view. This has nothing to do with Jones as a person, it’s about an immense amount of power which must be left unchecked.

If you witnessed someone you hate being snuffed out of existence by a powerful new weapon, you’d be afraid of the wielder of that weapon and worrying about who they’re going to target next. The ability of monopolistic oligarchs to completely silence people with coordinated cross-platform removal can hit anyone else at any time.


Most of our problems would go away if our institutions just did what they claim they do. If the media actually told people the truth about what’s happening and votes actually enacted the will of the electorate, you’d have an educated populace shaping their world based on truth.

The problem is not the official system, the problem is that the official system is a lie. A lie used to propagandize and deceive the public into thinking they’re not being fucked over by unelected oligarchs and opaque government agencies bent on world conquest.


People are hoping for some big new revelation which exposes the oligarchic empire for the corrupt establishment that it is, but really that exposing would have happened a long time ago if MSM reporters simply did their jobs responsibly reporting known facts about what’s going on.

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