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18-10-20 09:16:00,

By B.N. Frank

There ARE studies that have ALREADY determined 5G is NOT safe. Cities AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit installation AS WELL AS issue moratoriums on deployment.

The majority of scientists worldwide oppose 5G until there are studies that prove it isn’t unsafe. Doctors and scientists have asked for a worldwide moratorium (see 1, 2). They have also asked their legislators for moratoriums in various countries as well including the U.S, The Netherlands, and now Chile.

From Environmental Health Trust:

More than 130 doctors in Chile ask Health Minister Paris for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G technology

A letter signed by 135 health professionals across Chile has requested a moratorium on the deployment of 5G technology until it is certain that it does not pose a risk to human health and the environment.


“The biological effect of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, as is the case with 5G technology, has been extensively investigated by independent industry scientists and thousands of studies reliably demonstrate the negative biological effects on human and human health. environment, “the statement said.

The Doctors have proposed “to create a Committee of Experts to analyze independently from economic and political groups, the scientific evidence on the issue of exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic radio frequency waves, in the public health and assess the risks from a scientific point of view that the deployment of 5G technology could bring. ”

They request “that said commission be inter-ministerial with a representative of the Ministry of Sciences (led by Mr. Andrés Couve C.), a member of the Ministry of the Environment (led by Ms. Carolina Schmidt Z.), a member of the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications (led by Ms. Gloria Hutt H.) and experts from the Medical College, among others, in order to achieve a qualitatively optimal, coordinated work with an impact on public policy “.

Doctors can sign the 5G appeal at this link. https://uxtr.org/apelacion-chile-5g/

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