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21-10-20 06:14:00,

In November, US orchestrated fascism replaced freedom in Bolivia.

President Evo Morales’ legitimate reelection was overturned by a cadre of US recruited traitors. 

Generals and others were bribed to betray their country for the right price.

Fascism tied to US interests usurped power.

Militarized rule, inequality, and harsh crackdowns on supporters of equity and justice became official coup d’etat regime policy — aided and abetted by hardliners in Washington.

Months after the coup from exile in Argentina, illegally ousted President Evo Morales explained the following:

“…Bolivia is…paralyzed (and) going backwards…”

The country was “return(ed) to neoliberal times with more unemployment, poverty, hunger, corruption, nepotism, criminalization of the protests, persecutions and violation of the freedom of expression.”

“Fascism and racism have been reborn.”

The US-installed coup d’etat regime is responsible for “massacres, persecutions, imprisonments, dismantling of public companies and inability to deal with the pandemic.”

“Only (ordinary) people can save the people, and we will regain democracy.”

A coup d’etat “transitional” regime is making “illegal decisions that compromise our future, such as GMOs for human consumption, debts with the International Monetary Fund, changes in economic model, reversal of land (distribution), and mining concessions in favor of big entrepreneurs.”

The coup regime is also involved in drugs trafficking, Morales explained.

Since illegally replaced as president, state terror against the Bolivian people has been official coup regime policy.

In August, (PD below) said the coup d’etat regime “criminaliz(ed) national mobilizations” and right of assembly.

“Despite…increased repression, the people of Bolivia remain on the streets.”

The day before Sunday’s presidential election, PD asked:

“Will free and fair elections be held in Bolivia?”

Tyrannical regimes don’t relinquish power easily. The answer to the above question remains to be determined.

After polls closed Sunday, PD cited a Unitel-Ciesmori estimate of results.

It showed that Movement for Socialism (MAS) candidates for president and vice president, Luis Arce and David Choquehuanca respectively won overwhelmingly by a 52.4 to 31.5% margin over former right-wing president Carlos Mesa.

A separate exit poll conducted by group of universities and Catholic institutions showed similar results — Arce defeating runner-up Mesa by a 53 – 30.8% margin.

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