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In English law there is a strange and very expensive device known as the super-injunction. This goes beyond an ordinary injunction in one important respect: not only can no one discuss the issue the injuction concerns, but no one is even allowed to refer to its existence

A number of prominent people (journalists, captains of industry have taken out these super-injunctions. They are used when the obvious question anyone would ask if they knew about the injunction would be: “What have they got to hide?”

Of course there is little point in a super-injunction when the information is already in the public domain. The advent of the internet has ensured that unattributable, but true, information can always leak out, regardless of any injunction. Nevertheless, people who can’t actually hide anything still take out these super-injunctions – all they are able to hide is the fact they have done it, not anything anyone might like to write about.

As a result of one such super-injunction, I can’t actually confirm that:

1) Boris Johnson is having an affair with a violinist half his age

2) The mother of his latest baby (count them, he can’t) has left him because of it

3) This is why he went on holiday to a tent in a remote part of Scotland when the UK was begging for leadership over Brexit and Covid-19

4) This is why Ed Miliband said in his now-viral speech in parliament about the amendments to the Withdrawal Bill that Boris had “other things on his mind.”

You can find this information for yourself, but I can’t tell you it or direct you to it because I would be in breach of a super-injunction, and face heavy fines and possibly a prison sentence. This is the way the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, one of the highest positions any citizen of anywhere can aspire to, chooses to conduct his business.

Johnson would hardly be the first Prime Minister to have affairs. He isn’t married to his now ex-partner, so he was having one within 10 Downing Street, but Lloyd George became notorious for it,

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