Corporate Fluffers: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


22-10-20 12:55:00,

Still can’t get over how half of America is engaged in a giant live action role-playing game where they all pretend a dried up corporate fluffer with a small piece of functioning brain matter is a good person who they like.


Things you will eliminate by getting rid of Trump:

  • Trump

Things you will not eliminate by getting rid of Trump:

  • The factors which led to Trump
  • The evils that Trump facilitated
  • Some new evils that Trump couldn’t get away with
  • A system which only allows evil presidents


Do you not think it odd that the single most important civic duty you’re told you’ll ever perform is always a vote for more war, more oligarchy, more authoritarianism, more ecocide, more exploitation and more plutocratic theft?


For Democrats the Trump administration has been like sex: intense, hot, passionate.

Biden’s election will be like the part when the guy ejaculates.

The Biden administration will be like the part when the guy rolls over, steals all the blankets and falls asleep without satisfying her.


Stop bitching at American leftists who won’t vote for Biden. They’re doing a job that somebody’s got to do while you’re all deep-throating delusions about moving Biden to the left.


Most US progressives (A) say it’s wrong to vote third party this election, (B) acknowledge that a two-party system which always creates a choice between two corrupt warmongers is wrong, and (C) will do absolutely nothing to try and end that two-party system after this election.


Trump would be polling much higher if he’d actually taken steps to fight the establishment instead of just tweeting about it.


Most of my tweets during the Biden administration are just going to be news stories about the US government doing something fascistic with the caption “Boy it sure is good they decided to vote out fascism.”


I’m getting more and more brainwashed Trumpists in my comments saying Biden is owned by China, and it strongly reminds me of the dull roar that went on to become the shrieking fever pitch of liberal Russia hysteria that was used to help roll out pre existing cold war agendas.

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