Damascus Mufti Muhammad Adnan Afyouni Assassinated in a Car Bomb


23-10-20 10:15:00, Damascus Mufti Adnan Afyouni Assassinated

The Mufti of the Provinces of Damascus and its Countryside Muhammad Adnan Afyouni was assassinated by detonating a bomb planted in his car in the town of Qudsaya in Damascus Countryside province yesterday evening.

Syrian Ministry of Awqaf – Religious Endowment mourned the Martyr Mufti Muhammad Adnan Afyouni who is one of the world’s renowned Islamic scholars, a member of the Jurisprudence Council in the Ministry of Endowments, the Mufti of Damascus and its countryside, and General Supervisor of the Al-Sham International Islamic Center for Countering Extremism, obviously, his killers oppose one or all of these noble causes the martyr was leading.

The Syrian law enforcement authorities are not releasing much information on the incident in consideration to the investigations initiated immediately.

A number of leading Islamic scholars and their family members were killed in Syria during this crisis and before, all of who were killed by members of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Organization which the Turkish Madman Erdogan is its political leader, and some of its members include Ayman Zawahri the current head of Al Qaeda, Youssef Qaradawi aka ‘NATO Mufti’ who resides in the Qatari capital Doha under the protection of the US military base there and who issued a fatwa – Islamic Judicial guidance – that called for the killing of Syria’s Islamic scholars who don’t join the ‘revolution’ and in the same week the world’s top Islamic Scholar Muhammad Saeed Ramadan Bouti was assassinated in the Iman Mosque in Damascus while studying Quran with his students all 51 of them were killed in the suicide bombing.

crimes-against-peacecrimes-against-peaceSheikh Mohammed Saeed Ramadan al Bouti killed by a Muslim Brotherhood suicide bomber, he was 84 years old and was killed with 51 of his students inside a mosque

The son of Syria’s Grand Mufti Badreddin Hassoun was also killed in his university campus and Aleppo’s leading scholar Sheikh Hassan Saifuddin who was slaughtered when the ‘Islamist Brigades’, a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group, entered the city of Aleppo who hanged the head of the slain imam on his mosque’s minaret.

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