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24-10-20 08:11:00,

“It destroys peoples lives! And it destroys the nation-state! And eventually, what is happening is a structure whereby the financial establishment takes over the structures of government.”

– Professor Michel Chossudovsky (from this week’s interview)


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While there is much reporting on the daily increases COVID carriers (assuming the tests are reliable) and the regrettable deaths (assuming COVID was the cause), there is less attention to the horrendous difficulties wrought by the shut-downs of the economy as a necessity to halt the spread of the virus.

Starting in March, we have seen several centres close down services, including schools, universities, and museums. An entire season of festivals and public engagements have gotten cancelled. Businesses having to deal with less business than usual are worried about their futures, and some are definitely in trouble. As a result, workers face unemployment. [1][2][3]

This has resulted in increases in domestic violence and increasing poverty. And the suicide rate has gone through the roof!

Is this truly a price worth paying? Is the carnage induced by the lock-downs part of the casualties we must endure while we await the cherished vaccine?

Or could there be other entities who privately benefit from this situation in ways that are on a whole different level than public health?

These are just a few of the concerns the Global Research News Hour show will ponder as we take a look at the pandemic from a social and economic perspective.

Our first guest, Professor Michel Chossudovsky, has been very informed about the virus not being what we are told. He is also an economist with a background in studying health economics. In this interview, Professor Chossudovsky mentions that moves by the elites seemed to have foreknowledge of the spread of the virus. He also mentions that elites got very wealthy from the subsequent collapses of companies and economies.

In our second half hour, after a brief talk about the “Great Reset” of the entire system, Professor Radhika Desai talks about the structure if the collapse due to COVID denying us any sense of a new economic normal.

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