Biden Will NOT Be Soft On China; He’ll Continue Trump’s Aggressions


28-10-20 02:26:00,

Hunter Biden’s former business associate Tony Bobulinski has given a lengthy interview on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, testifying about corrupt international business practices within the Biden family involving China and other countries, and allegedly involving Joe Biden himself while he was vice president.

Toward the end of the interview came the really important part, the part we were all meant to see.

“What are the implications of this going forward?” Carlson asked. “If Joe Biden is elected president, which could very well happen, how does this constrain his ability to deal with China?”

“Are you asking for my personal opinion?” Bobulinski asked.

“I am,” Carlson replied. “I’m asking for your opinion, as someone who’s worked with the Chinese.”

“So, I think Joe Biden and the Biden family are compromised,” said Bobulinski.

And that is it. Beneath all the partisan noise and electoral implications, that is the message we were meant to take away from the interview. Not that the Biden family is corrupt, not that Joe Biden lied about being uninvolved in his son’s business enterprises as vice president, but that Joe Biden is compromised in favor of China. That is the story that’s going to keep resurfacing.

We are being played.

This would after all be the same Tucker Carlson who has been pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories about Democratic Party officials being secret Chinese intelligence agents and Covid-19 being a lab-made virus deliberately released by China, and just generally whipping up anti-China hysteria in his viewers at every possible opportunity. This would also be the same Tucker Carlson who tried to join the CIA after college. The same Fox News that reliably propagandizes its right-wing audience into alignment with imperialist agendas that resonate with rightist sensibilities.

I don’t know how or at what level, but we are being played. A narrative is being aggressively rammed down our throats about China in exactly the same way it was being aggressively rammed down our throats about Russia four years ago; two unabsorbed nations the US government has long had plans to attack and undermine.

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