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30-10-20 07:32:00, In recent months we have been overloaded with figures and related objectives to justify the measures by which we will ‘defeat the virus’. We have become acquainted with the Reproduction Number, or R number. The basic reproduction or infection rate of an infectious disease is the average number of secondary infections caused by a primary case in a population without immunity and in the absence of prophylactic measures, such as vaccination.

The initial objective set to justify the corona measures was to achieve an R number below 1.

The question is whether the objective was set correctly. Isn’t it an irrational fear that drives it? Where human resistance is strengthened by practice in undergoing and overcoming viral infections, the corona measures taken and the fear of infection may put us at greater risk than we want.

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Mieke Mosmuller

Here I am again trying to say something to the camera. Actually, from time to time you get the feeling: I’m speechless. Then I think of Toon Hermans who said “I would like to say something, but everything has already been said. I would like to think something, but everything has already been thought.”

Ofcourse you can vary endlessly with thoughts and words, but it becomes difficult in this time of corona crisis to keep the courage and the thoughts together. And I remember a saying from the past, someone who said: ‘People do not become demented, they are made demented’. And now it seems a little like you could say, the world’s population does not become demented on its own, but we are made demented, so we are constantly being thrown from one corner into the other. And the human being is a reasonable being, gifted with reason. That is also the area where you have the feeling that freedom really lives, in the area of intelligent thinking. But when you read an article in the newspaper, like yesterday, in which it is said ‘the government is not yet taking any further measures, but this week they may come up with very strict measures. ‘We don’t want to do it yet, but we may have to do it’ and then comes the reproduction number and then it is said that this is 0.8.

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