The Growing Fear Of Speaking Out


31-10-20 09:04:00,

Authored by Bruce Wilds via Advancing Time blog,

There is a growing trend where people are feeling compelled to deny their opinions and remain silent. This is because we are seeing a blatant disregard for the opinions of others by both those on the left and the right. Democracy as a form of government is far from perfect. Its greatest weakness is rooted in the ability of a vocal minority to force their opinions on others.

Governments Are Adding To The Fear

This growing fear of speaking out is not limited to America, we are seeing it in countries that claim to be free across the world. The tech giants, governments, and extremist groups are all throwing fuel on the fire and adding to the feeling retaliation is a fair response to speaking our mind. The tech giants’ effort to closely watch, silence, and censor those not marching in line with their desired narrative is a dagger in the heart of free speech. This effort is also apparent when we hear about groups threatening to block highways, shut down ports, and occupy state capitols if things fail to go their way. It even extends to harassing elected officials, we are hearing more threats from groups vowing to hound and badger members of Congress at their own homes. Another sign of intolerance is seen in the mass arrest of nonviolent protesters by governments.

Vandalism Like This Is A Sign Of The Times

Consider what we are witnessing as a sign of the times. Above is a picture showing a sign that vandals wrote curse words on, they also egged the house where it was displayed. This started several years ago and ramped up when the term “politically correct” moved front and center. In the minds of some individuals if you say anything that they consider “incorrect” it justifies a harsh response. 

In such an environment it is little wonder that many people have become less vocal and afraid to speak their mind. This could help explain why so many people doubt the recent political polls showing Joe Biden leading President Trump by a large margin. Ironically, it is the Democrats that continue to demand the President disavow violence and those associated with it.

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