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03-11-20 04:33:00,

The real story behind the so-called “second-wave” Covid-19 infection

The entire world at this point in time is being conditioned that the Covid-19 infection has gotten worse and the “second wave” of the PLANdemic is already here to wreak renewed havoc. This mind conditioning is happening right now when herd immunity is already gradually seeping into the populace.

Governments are alarmed because if herd immunity becomes undeniably obvious, people will go through the daily grind of normal life and things will slowly stabilize. Economies will recover and get on the right track. This the governments don’t like as they toe their respective lines that draw mandate from their “overlord,” i.e., the US.

More immediately crucial in the general program of systems control is the vaccine whose development, production, and implementation is overseen by the US. People MUST be vaccinated by hook or by crook, so to speak. Having this in mind, it is therefore important to create the hype of a “second wave” to further scare people until that time when the vaccine is already available.

And if the thinking segment will seriously take note of and focus on what has been going on in laboratories where such vaccines are being developed, the so-called medical scientists involved in it are fast-tracking the process because they are running against time especially now that a growing number of people are getting into the realization that the “virus infection” is not as deadly and risky as the stories the scaremongers have been spreading around.

In other words, now that the vaccine isn’t quite ready yet, people should remain scared and in fact more scared than before as government creates an atmosphere of heightened alert even to the point of using the police–both local and national–to impose mobility restriction similar to what they implemented during the previous months from April to July.

The new hermeneutics of infirmity: A totalizing path pointing all illnesses to Covid-19

The “first wave” stabilized and the “second wave” has come in. What do we expect when the “second wave” stabilizes? Of course, the “third wave”. There will be “waves” and “stabilizations”. And who knows if these “infected” people are really infected by Covid-19 based on the testing instruments and procedures being used?

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