Two Thousand Terrorists: online screening on Thursday november 12 – BDS Nederland


03-11-20 01:36:00, Two Thousand Terrorists
A documentary film by Hanro Smitsman and Peter Speetjens
In remembrance of the victims of Sabra and Shatila.

Screening on Thursday 12 November, 19.30 – 21.00 CET
Moderator:  Sue Blackwell (BDS NL)
Introduction and Q&A by Peter Speetjens and Hanro Smitsman.

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Description of the documentary

2000 Terrorists is a documentary film on the aftermath of the infamous massacre that took place in Sabra and Shatila, two Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut.

In 1982, during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Yasser Arafat and some 14.000 PLO fighters were allowed to leave Beirut for Tunis. Ariel Sharon, then as Minister of Defense in charge of the invasion, declared that ‘two thousand terrorists’ were still holding up in the camps. Surrounded by the Israeli army, a Lebanese militia group was sent into the camps to mop up all the remaining ‘terrorists’. Two days later more than 2000 civilians from the camps were killed: men, women and children, mostly Palestinians and Lebanese Shiites.

In 1983 the United Nations officially declared the massacre a genocide.

The film centers on four survivors of the massacre who are among the group that, based on the Belgian Genocide Law, initiated a trial in Brussels against the then Israeli Minister Ariel Sharon and 18 others held responsible for the massacre. While advocates and judges debate whether or not Ariel Sharon can be criminally pursued, the film presents a unique view on the daily struggle in Sabra and Shatila.  It seems the feeling of lack of justice is less endurable that all other hardships in life.

The duration of the film is approx 50 minutes.

Organized by BDS NL, project Art, Solidarity and Palestine

Een documentaire film van Hanro Smitsman en Peter Speetjens
Ter nagedachtenis aan de slachtoffers van Sabra en Shatila.

Online voorstelling op donderdag 12 november, 19.30 – 21.00 uur CET
Moderator: Sue Blackwell (BDS NL)
Inleiding en Q&A door Peter Speetjens en Hanro Smitsman.

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Beschrijving van de documentaire:

2000 Terrorists is een documentaire over de nasleep van het beruchte bloedbad dat plaatsvond in Sabra en Shatila,

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