Don’t Fool Yourself: Your Biden Vote Was Not A “Vote Against Fascism”


06-11-20 10:45:00,

Well the post-election battle rages on, with rank-and-file Democrats freaking out that Trump will remain in office by force (spoiler: he won’t, he’ll leave office peacefully like his predecessors) and rank-and-file Republicans freaking out that Biden will enslave them to communism (spoiler: he won’t, he’ll enslave you to end-stage imperialist neoliberalism like everyone else).

There are accusations of cheating and shenanigans on both sides, and at this point I honestly don’t know how to care about any of it. Like what am I supposed to say? “Oh no, you mean the fake election for two fake candidates is really fake??” One corporate war whore is as good as another. Let Raytheon pick the winner for all I care.

Anxiety remains high, with mass media going out of its way to play up civil unrest fears as protests and counter-protests erupt across the country. I’ll just reiterate what I said before the election: any violence as this thing unpacks will only benefit the powerful, will be used to justify authoritarian agendas which serve the powerful, and will in all probability have been instigated by the powerful. There are situations in which one can argue that intelligent application of force by the citizenry could have good results, but dying over what oligarch crony gets to rule you isn’t one of them. Please be smart and stay safe.

Civil unrest fears grow as protests hit vote-counting battleground states

— The Hill (@thehill) November 5, 2020

All that said, the election itself is now over. Which means the lies that people on the true political left have been telling themselves in order to psych themselves out for a painful Biden vote must now be dispensed with. “I voted against fascism” is a common mantra I’ve been seeing around social media lately, and it is one such lie.

I get that American lefties have had to come up with all kinds of arguments for their decision to help elect a right-wing authoritarian warmonger with whom they have nothing ideologically in common, and to be clear I am not interested in telling them they are wrong for doing so. I can’t fault any American for whatever way they choose to interface with a fundamentally broken system,

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