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06-11-20 07:25:00,

Transcript by Rawan R. Mhamsa

Oh, working as a healthcare assistant for the NHS. I don’t think that the uniform to prove that I work for them, but today I’m publicly resigning.

OK, well.

I’m wearing this uniform sadly for the last time. I loved my job,  Have been following what’s going on.

We’ve done talks with organized protest. I got an e-mail from work last night asking me what’s going on, people who are reporting me. And unfortunately, I can’t lie anymore. The email is asking what’s going on and how can I lie?

I did something really bad.

I took a screenshot on Friday that shows the figures(data)  of how many people are in this hospital with COVID, and I shared it, because this should be public information.

OK, I can tell you that on Friday, there were three people with Covid, no extra deaths, and that covers Cuppas, WestComal and Heyo hospitals

The total deaths from these three hospitals in seven months is 76. That’s about 10 people a month over the last seven months. And we have locked down.

Lots of people have to start speaking out.

Lots of doctors and nurses have come forward. They’re all on restricted duties. They’re all seeing solicitors solicitors, etc.

Well, I’ve decided there’s no point. I have gone against the rules within the NHS.

I have shared confidential information that people need to see, OK, I’m not the sort of person that finds lying easily.

I can deny it and say someone’s going to scream and shout  my name, but they’re going to get a letter saying why I shared it because as much as I’ve always loved our NHS, it’s no longer our NHS. It is run by the corrupt government and other people running this country.

We go back, we can’t see dentists like I can tell you now, when I was working at the height of the pandemic, I had no work for three weeks because there were no patients including lar Covid because none of the wards were overflowing with patients.

And I know now the mainstream media has filled you with fear.

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