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The human body is an individual organism that individualises everything that comes from outside before it can allow or use it. What cannot be appropriated is rejected or expelled. If that does not work, illness arises.

Micro-organisms: we have them abundantly present in all areas of our body where we communicate with the outside air and they help us defend ourselves against microorganisms that are not our own. With the micro-organisms that are our own, we can live very well together and they help us to resist when a siege comes from outside.

So what is a contagion? The detection of a virus or a disease with symptoms plus a positive test?

Is man passively at the mercy of a pathogenic virus?

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Mieke Mosmuller

We hear daily the number of Covid-19 virus infections. Or at least, the corona virus, which could possibly cause that Covid-19 disease. In the spring, the emphasis was more on the number of deaths, which is still there now, but that is always at the very end of the list, the main figure is the number of infections and then the number of admissions to hospital and then the number of admissions to the ICU, sometimes it also says how many people have left hospital again. In itself, I find that a somewhat more charming way of dealing with it, when you also tell how many people are cured of this disease. Not only infections and admissions, but also people who are cured again, because that also influences the number of patients, of course. But that led me to form some thoughts about the phenomenon of ‘contagion’, and of course a lot is being said about it, it is clear that when you do a PCR test, that you then show the virus-rna with a certain degree of probability, so it is not a visual certainty, but it is one based on the consequences of the test, a kind of probability calculation that is then done, and then the result is either positive or negative. We still have to get used to that,so the word ‘contagion’ is actually not correct, because an infection would not be that the virus particle is detected,

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