Government’s Corona Response Is “a Psyche War” Against Citizens: Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati – Global Research


08-11-20 02:10:00,

“Bill Gates, the CDC, Gavi… want to steamroll their [COVID-19] agenda of self-interest on behalf of these billionaires and corporate oligarchs,” said constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati in a Vaccine Choice Canada webinar on October 3rd. “And the only thing that is going to stop them is not a whistleblower; it’s every individual who’s against this saying: F— you. We are not going for it. We are going to resist you at every turn.”

When asked about how government officials can continue to peddle irrational and illogical corona measures, Galati responded:

“They don’t care about looking like idiots. They are part of a global agenda where they’re profiting big time… Forget this idea that they are acting rationally or in the best interest of the citizens. They’re not.”

Vaccine Choice Canada’s president, Ted Kuntz, added:

“The underlying problem… is that we have an assumption that someone else is going to protect my rights and freedoms. The most common illusion is that it is the government… [while] they are the one most likely to violate it.

“This is a war. We need to recognize it is a war. And we have to fight. And we have to take ownership of the fight…. If you don’t, there are forces that are all too eager to take away our rights.”

Rocco Galati later advised:

“My mother, up until the day she died, raised me and the rest of her kids with this motto: People will treat you the way you teach them to.

“Shakespeare said it best: ‘The fault is not in the stars, Brutus, the fault is in the failing of humans.’ The fault is ours… Not in the power structure…. They’re treating you the way you teach them to… You’re teaching them to step all over you. And urinate all over you.”

In other words, we need to resist the COVID-19(84) measures unrelentlessly. More importantly, we can’t expect quick results. Whether we like it or not, we are at war. War builds persistence in those who do not yield — each day pushing back against this crime against humanity until the battle is won.

“People call me all the time,” said Galati.

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