Totalitarian Dictator To Leave Office After Losing Election: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


08-11-20 08:57:00,

The record turnout for Biden wasn’t for Biden. It wasn’t even really to stop Trump. Ultimately, though most voters were unconscious of their true motive, it was to stop the mass media from shrieking hysterical bullshit in their faces all the time and making them feel crazy.

Trump will leave office on January 20th, a sound refutation of the widespread narrative that he was a totalitarian dictator who presented an unprecedented threat to democracy.

The hysterical exaggerations of the threat Trump posed weren’t destructive because they were unfair to Trump, they were destructive because they created the false impression that those who came before him and those who will come after are not equally depraved.

There’s zero chance of Trump challenging the election with any efficacy unless (A) he really badly wants to remain president and (B) sufficiently large power structures want him to remain president. It is already clear that neither A nor B are the case. He’s out. The people who spent four years being wrong about Trump draining the swamp are now laboring under the delusion that he’d be willing and able to stop the entire swamp from stealing an election from him. He isn’t.

“I voted against fascism.”

No you voted against what you perceive as a more dangerous order of fascism. That’s fine, but don’t lie to yourself about it. To pretend that a lifelong murderous authoritarian like Biden is fascism-free is to deceive yourself into future complacency.

A dangerous faction of American extremists has been greatly emboldened by the election of Joe Biden, and they’ll soon begin calling for widespread organized violence and bloodshed as their fascistic ideology rises to power. I am speaking, of course, of mass media pundits.

Trump’s presidency emboldened white supremacists and other crazies. Biden’s presidency will embolden the elitist commentariat whose job is to call you a naive little child if you don’t think it’s good to brandish armageddon weapons and murder foreigners for crude oil.

America’s election integrity ranks dead last among western democracies. Nothing has ever been done to fix this, so there’s no valid basis upon which to simply dismiss concerns about their validity.

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