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09-11-20 01:48:00,

Biden press agent media were quick to claim he defeated Trump.

Given incomplete vote-counting in key battleground states, and numerous GOP lawsuits over irregularities — the Supreme Court likely to be the final arbiter of who won and lost — calling the election for Biden on Saturday didn’t surprise but remains a question mark.

What’s going on smacks of an orchestrated plot to replace an unorthodox president with a longstanding establishment figure considered safe.

The real Joe Biden is a shadow of his long ago former self, a figure perhaps no longer able to handle the daily rigors of the presidency.

It entails major decision-making on domestic and geopolitical issues, including interactions with other heads of states, congressional members, and key figures in all walks of life.

Decision-making by a physically and mentally weakened leader is vulnerable to major errors with consequences.

That’s avoided by delegating responsibility for domestic and foreign policy to others.

If a US head of state requires this arrangement, why did Dems chose Biden as standard bearer over a more competent alternative?

Did party bosses believe that he represented their best chance to defeat Trump?

Do they want an easily manipulated weak figurehead president?

Or is Kamala Harris their choice, remaining in the wings as vice president, to replace Biden when it’s clear that he cannot function as head of state.

If he’s affirmed as president and inaugurated in January — what’s likely but uncertain until litigation plays out and the process is declared completed by relevant authorities — will he be little more than a cardboard cutout on the job, major decisions made for him?

US election 2020 is a glaring example of fantasy democracy in action.

Based on what’s known so far — covered in previous articles — there’s nothing legitimate about declaring a Biden victory over Trump on Saturday.

Will it hold? Are establishment media the new arbiter of who wins and loses?

Is electoral theft OK as long as the media’s favorite wins?

Are they all on the same page for Biden? Even the Wall Street Journal and Fox News are onboard for him over Trump.

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