Survey: Parents Worldwide Would Allow Robots and AI to Care for, Monitor and Perform Surgery on Their Kids – Activist Post


10-11-20 05:32:00,

By B.N. Frank

In 2019, a survey revealed that 82% of Americans believed Artificial Intelligence (AI) was more harmful than helpful. Also in 2019, one study determined that AI could affect all occupational groups.

Even though Walmart has decided to eliminate robot workers from their stores, many employees are being displaced by AI and robots. And according to a new survey, many parents worldwide seem interested in replacing childcare workers, nurses, and surgeons with robots and AI.

From ELEtimes:

79% of Indians would adopt a ‘robot nanny’ to help care for children while working from home: IEEE Survey

Generation AI 2020 Global Study Examines Millennial Parents’ Confidence in AI, Robotics, Virtual Reality and Other Technologies for Their Family’s Health and Wellness

IEEE, unveiled “Generation AI 2020: Health, Wellness and Technology in a Post-COVID World.” According to the survey, more than three-quarters (79%) of parents in India agree that if they had the means, they would adopt a robot “nanny” to help take care of their children while working remotely from home, running errands or when otherwise occupied. A majority (66%) of parents globally agree they would adopt a robot “nanny” to help care for their children.

This global study reveals the confidence Millennial parents with Generation Alpha children (under 11 years-old) in the U.S., U.K., India, China and Brazil may have in AI and emerging technologies for the health and wellness of their families.

Parents Welcome Robot Help with Child Care and Homework

The pandemic has created stressful challenges for families, with parents working, managing their children’s online learning and daily household needs. Meanwhile, AI is giving life to physically moving, walking and talking robots becoming more adept at conveying affection and compassion.

More than three-quarters (81%) of parents in India agree that having a robot nanny to help their children do their homework would alleviate a significant amount of their COVID-19-related stress. More than half of American parents agree (54%) while among U.K. parents, over two-thirds (68%) agree. Nearly three-quarters of parents in Brazil (73%) agree and more than three-quarters of parents in China (81%) agree.

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