BoJo hosts Bill Gates & pharma bigwigs to plot Covid-19 vaccine deployment as UK military preps for ‘biggest effort since WWII’


12-11-20 02:59:00,

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UK PM Boris Johnson has met with billionaire vaccine evangelist Bill Gates and 10 Big Pharma CEOs to discuss rolling out the Covid-19 jab and unveil the country’s new Gates-funded plan to “prevent future pandemics.”

The pharmaceutical lovefest, conducted virtually on Tuesday, saw all 10 execs “re-commit” to ensuring fair global access to any successful Covid-19 vaccines in the wake of positive yet vague news about Pfizer’s jab, which has yet to be approved in the UK even as the National Health Service prepares to start vaccinating people as early as December.

During the roundtable, Johnson reaffirmed his commitment to using the UK’s G7 presidency next year to impose a sweeping global health plan developed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with the Wellcome Trust in the name of preventing future pandemics. Gates, who lacks a college degree or medical training, praised Johnson for allowing his foundation to craft UK (and potentially global) health policy as the PM restated the Gates Foundation’s five-point plan for the nation’s new “global approach” to “health security.”

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The ambitious strategy, initially unveiled by Gates at the UN General Assembly in September, will have repercussions far outside the UK’s borders if implemented. It involves creating a global network of “zoonotic disease research hubs,” supposedly to detect potentially dangerous viruses in animal populations before they have a chance to infect humans in order to get a head start on developing vaccines against them, and a “pandemic early warning system” assisted by global protocols on sharing health data.

It also calls for a rapid buildout in manufacturing capacity for “vaccines and treatments,” and Johnson praised the “herculean joint effort” by pharmaceutical companies and researchers to develop treatments and vaccines against the novel coronavirus. The pharmaceutical CEOs seemed enthusiastic about Johnson’s proposed “new era of collaboration for problem solving,” presumably sensing the payday in “pandemic preparedness.

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