Pandemic malpractice has killed countless Americans


13-11-20 04:23:00,

By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Hard to believe, but very few Americans have doctors who are using a safe, proven protocol for early home/outpatient treatment for those with COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test result. If they had, some 180,000 deaths could have been prevented so far.

How could this happen? Two main reasons. First, The National Institutes of Health have not sanctioned any treatment for home/outpatient use – but only treatment promoted for hospital use. Second, the Food and Drug Administration does not approve of the use of the key cheap, safe and generic drug used in the U.S. since 1955, namely hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

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Why would the government health care system in this pandemic intentionally not make it easy to give people a chance of early treatment at home as an outpatient and avoid hospitalization? One very powerful person has intentionally done this. He has become a household name and is praised in countless ways in the mainstream media every day. He is glorified, praised and literally worshiped. Anthony Fauci is the reason why Americans are dying every day unnecessarily. He runs one of 27 NIH units and has for some 36 years.

How do we know that at least 70 to 80% of coronavirus victims can be effectively treated at home and avoid hospitalizations? Because a relatively small number of courageous physicians since March have been using protocols based on HCQ, usually a zinc supplement and a common antibiotic such as doxycycline. The cost is extremely low. But this approach only works if it starts very early,

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