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14-11-20 07:32:00,

By B.N. Frank

People worldwide DO NOT WANT “Smart” Meters – electric, gas, and water (see 1, 2). Tens of millions have been installed and millions more are planned despite all their problems – electrical issues, fires, explosions, measurement errors, serious cybersecurity risks (see 1, 2), and more.

Unlike original analog meters, “Smart” Meters are 2-way transmitting which causes them to emit very high levels of harmful electromagnetic radiation that can make people and animals sick (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). They DO NOT save meaningful amounts of energy and customer rates are usually increased for their installation (see 1, 2) and frequent replacement (see 1, 2, 3).

Now Pennsylvania utility customers finally have the right to refuse them.

From Environmental Health Trust:

Ruling in Pennsylvania Smartmeter Case Against Utilities Halts Forced Meters

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer article “Court ruling throws Pennsylvania smart-meter plan into turmoil”

“The statewide deployment of millions of wireless smart meters has been thrown into turmoil after a court invalidated Pennsylvania’s policy that requires electric utilities to install the devices on all homes and businesses.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and Peco Energy this week asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to review a lower-court decision that invalidates a policy requiring the universal installment of smart meters. Several Peco customers objected to the installation of wireless devices on their homes, saying the radio frequency (RF) emissions made them ill.

State Commonwealth Court last month determined that the 12-year-old law requiring utilities to “furnish” smart meter technology by 2023 contained nothing to require “every customer to endure involuntary exposure” to radio emissions. The court’s opinion, written by Judge Ellen Ceisler, instead interpreted the law to support customer choice in the use of the smart-meter technology.”

Andrew Maykuth in the Philadelphia Inquirer article “Court ruling throws Pennsylvania smart-meter plan into turmoil”

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