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Just recently, it was possible to see a substantial number of reports in various media outlets predicting the growth of the birth rate throughout the world. These projections for many countries were explained by increased migration flows, and specifically reports spoke about a spike in the total population in Europe associated with an increase in the number of incoming refugees.

At present, there are 7.8 billion people that live on the Earth. While the global population continues to grow at about 82 million people annually, this is still largely due to the strong population growth seen in sub-Saharan Africa, which will double its population by 2050. But growth at a global level is increasingly slowing down.

Therefore, while the UN and other think tanks previously predicted a population explosion, and possible overpopulation on the planet, now it is more frequently possible to run across forecasts that are diametrically opposed to that. For example, according to several recent studies, the world’s population over the second half of this century will just keep declining, from 9.7 billion in 2064 to 8.8 billion by the end of the century.

A study published in the scientific journal The Lancet indicates that the global fertility rate will decline by almost one third by 2100. In 23 countries (including Japan, Thailand, Spain, and Ukraine), the population will decrease by half, and in another 34 countries it will decrease by 25-50%. The study indicates that Japan’s population most likely reached its peak at 128 million in 2017, and will drop to below 53 million by 2100. As for Italy, for example, during that same period its population will decline from 61 million to 28 million people.

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers presented the results of an assessment done on the country’s population, and according to that over the past thirty years Ukraine has already lost one third of its population: in comparison with the previous 2001 census, the population of Ukraine decreased from 52 million by 11 million people, and today amounts to just over 37 million. Further prospects for population decline in this country appear even more pessimistic.

Latvia and Lithuania continue to grow emptier, setting world records. Experts predict a demographic catastrophe for them,

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