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According to the findings of the human sciences of anthropology, sociology and psychology, human beings have a healthy mind and natural powers of judgement by nature. This common sense works empirically, i.e. it makes concrete judgements based on everyday life experience and observation. Man is also autonomous. Autonomy is the state and attitude to life of self-determination, independence and self-administration. Philosophically, it is the ability to see oneself as a being of freedom and to act from this freedom. Equipped with these special abilities, however, man always hands over to another person the power to decide on his life and his future.

In the democracies of the Western world, for example, corrupt politicians are elected to high government offices and are regarded as respectable authorities. With this attribution, politicians immediately associate claims to power, create a relationship of superiority and subordination and enforce the instructions of their clients – the global “power elite” – on the citizens. In doing so, they pursue policies at the expense of the working population that enable a nefarious “billionaire clique” to steal together so many billions of dollars that they can buy almost anyone: from corrupt politicians to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Many adults react to these politicians like children or like primitive man reacted: in the form of a “magical belief in authority”: uncritical and clouded by moods, feelings and promises of happiness. And that has consequences: The belief in authority inevitably leads to a sense of belonging to authority, which usually triggers the reflex of absolute spiritual obedience and paralysis of the mind.

Hand over power to no one! To no other human being, but also to no supernatural being. After all, we are embedded in the community of conspecifics on whose support and solidarity we could build. However, the majority of adult humans cling to an imaginary supernatural power and try to influence it favourably. Is this an expression of human helplessness and lack of self-confidence?

Not only is the intelligence of full-minded adults intimidated and degraded, but also their will and self-confidence. In many cases this leads to fatalism, feelings of guilt, depression and the inability to connect with fellow citizens. For this reason, all possible motivations of the deplored human reaction patterns must be explored – in particular authoritarian and religious education at home and school and the influence of society.

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