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16-11-20 10:31:00,


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with the gumption natural to him, sent his “warm congratulations” to Joe Biden on his, as the Israeli World Israel News wrote, “alleged victory in the US elections,” despite the fact that President Donald Trump has not accepted the elections by democratic means. Similar loyal feelings towards the USA were expressed by Israel’s allegedly independent President Reuven Rivlin and Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz. In their messages, the “great love” of the vassal for his new American overlord simply ran absolute high.

However, decidedly different emotions have now overcome Israel, whose residents accepted the change of presidents in Washington with a great concern. And this is not surprising, since everyone has repeatedly noted the sharply pro-Israeli nature of the policy pursued by Donald Trump, as well as of his close relatives, some of whom are Hasideans, and of the entire Administration of the former President.

Immediately following his election in 2016, Donald Trump announced his unconditional support for Israel and a year later initiated the US Embassy moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem after the city was recognized as the capital of the Jewish state.   Other steps soon followed, both symbolic and tangible. The American President recognized Israeli sovereignty in the Golan Heights, sought to hold the Palestinian National Authority “liable for its support of terrorism,” and pulled the USA out of a promising, but, according to Israelis, disastrous, Iranian deal in 2015.  It is equally important that, while the President’s ambition to mediate a “final deal” between Israel and the Palestinians failed because of the latter’s refusal to make peace, his Administration has moved into more productive efforts. Unlike Barack Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry, who actually gave the Palestinians the veto power for getting relationship between the Arab world and Israel back on track, Donald Trump initiated the conclusion of agreements to smooth relations with the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain and Sudan, which, as he promised, must be followed by others. In such circumstances, it is not surprising that the majority of Israelis were in favor of Donald Trump being re-elected. But if, as it appears at the moment, they supported the losing side in the election, hysteria on consequent effect would be counterproductive and,

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