New Hampshire Releases Bombshell Report Questioning Safety of 5G


07-12-20 10:48:00, A new report from the state of New Hampshire has concluded that the safety of 5G technology is a concern for the health of the people, the animals, and the environment.

On November 1, a 111-page report describing the health concerns associated with 5G technology was released by the New Hampshire Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of evolving 5G technology. The report was released to New Hampshire Governor Christopher T. Sununu, Speaker of the House  Stephen J. Shurtleff, and President of the Senate Donna Soucy.

The recommendations include:

– state agencies include information on their websites regarding the dangers of radiofrequency (RF) microwave radiation from all sources;
– calling on state agencies to add warnings concerning newborns, young children and pregnant women;
– ensuring any new wireless antennae installation located on private property to be placed away from residences, businesses, and schools;
– encourage the deployment of fiber optic cables and wired connections;
– recommend that state agencies work with scientific experts to develop RF radiation safety limits to protect trees, plants, birds, insects, and pollinators

5G — or 5th generation cellular technology — is the name for the latest telecom technology upgrade. The new technology is expected to herald the beginning of Smart Cities, where driverless cars, pollution sensors, cell phones, traffic lights, and thousands of other devices interact in what is known as “The Internet of Things.” However, there have been a number of health and privacy concerns raised by opponents of the rapidly advancing 5G expansion.

These concerns led the New Hampshire house to pass HB 522 in 2019, a bill which created the commission, tasking it to “study the environmental and health effects of evolving 5G technology.” The Commission was made up of several legislators who are also medical doctors and engineers, a scientist with expertise in electromagnetic radiation, a  New Hampshire Town Councilperson and representatives from the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, Department of Health & Human Services and the Department of Business and Economic Affairs.

The Commission also featured members of the wireless industry, including the CTIA, the largest wireless industry lobby which has been instrumental in promoting 5G. The members of the industry signed onto the “minority report” that stated “the scientific consensus” is that wireless technology is safe.

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