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“The transformation is both symbolically and visibly expressed by the de facto appearance of the first-ever global capital. That capital city, however, is not New York, the place where the General Assembly of all nation-states periodically convenes. New York might have become the capital if the world’s new order had emerged on the basis of comprehensive collaboration among nation-states, based on the legal fiction of equal sovereignty. But such a world did not come to pass, and indeed the very notion has become an anachronism given the new realities of transnational globalization and of the historically unique scope of sovereign American power. 

And yet a global capital did emerge, not between the Hudson and East rivers but on the banks of the Potomac. Washington, D.C., is the first global political capital in the history of the world. Neither Rome nor ancient Peking—both capitals of regional empires—nor Victorian London (except perhaps in international banking) even came close to matching the concentration of global power and decision making in a few square blocks of downtown Washington. Decisions made within two overlapping, but relatively tight triangles project U.S. power worldwide and heavily influence the way globalization evolves. A line drawn from the White House to the monumental Capitol building, to the fort-like Pentagon, and then back to the White House encapsulates the triangle of power. Another line from the White House to the World Bank just a few blocks away, to the State Department, and back to the White House (thus also encompassing the International Monetary Fund and the Organization of American States) demarcates the triangle of global influence. —Zbigniew Brzezinski, pp. 131-32, The Choice: Global Leadership or Global Domination, 2004


Perhaps the only thing more shocking than the above quote from Zbigniew Brzezinski’s little known 2004 book is the unprecedented events of 2020 that, ostensibly, continue to defy belief. Our entire globe has been hijacked by a geopolitical earthquake to the likes the world has never seen before, a most sinister “strategic wedge of denial” plot ever devised, as we shall see.

Behind the thin label of “coronavirus-lockdown,” is a paradigm shift even greater than the first decoupling of the Bretton Woods monetary system from the gold standard on August 15,

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