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If, as human beings, we know the motive for restricting our freedom, and also how this motive relates to the way in which our freedom is restricted by means of measures, then we can accept the measures and follow them, and do not feel this restriction of freedom as a compulsory measure. In the course of this crisis, we have always seen that the motives do not always correspond to the purposes for which the measure is said to be intended – for example, the obligation to wear scientifically proven ineffective masks. Now, at Christmas time, we are faced with a new and even tougher challenge. But what is the motive behind these far-reaching corona measures restricting freedom?Watch video on YouTube

Mieke Mosmuller

Yes, there is a lot of talk about freedom, and I believe that the simplest phase of freedom for us humans is to understand your actions. That you know why you do things, that you can understand your motives. And when you have to do something, it is a characteristic of modern people that they want to know ‘what for, why? That when that ‘what for’ and ‘why’ has sounded, that you also understand that. And I think that that is the big problem with the crisis we are now in, that there is a tendency that you have to do what is said without being able to understand why. And that is what I tried to show last time with a few examples, that there are so many incongruities that one cannot actually follow or place them with one’s thinking, and it is therefore quite understandable that there are people who, precisely because it is incomprehensible, have started looking for explanations which are not so obvious but which are conceivable. And that would make understandable what is demanded of you. That is what you want as a human being, you feel like a slave if you have to do what is said without understanding why. If I take the example of masks, I would be willing to wear a mask if I understand why. But not because it is simply proclaimed, after it has been first proclaimed, that the usefulness of wearing a mask in preventing or transmitting a viral infection has not really been proven at all.

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