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According to their plan, the Great Reset, (WEF, “Covid-19 – The Great Reset” by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret, July 2020), Covid-19 is THE window of opportunity for the world to be reset with an ultra-capitalism that finally brings justice to humanity and the environment. No kidding, that’s what they pretend, and worse, believe that we, the People, will go for it, watching how their – the Cabal’s – takeover unfolds.

Among many human rights abuses and disasters, the Great Reset foresees, for example, that the use of our earned resources will be at their mercy, depending on our behavior. If we behave the way the Cabal desires; if we submit to the wishes of the Dark Deep State, call it also the Shadow Government – (picture, “Enemies of the People”) the Network of oligarchs that controls all 193 UN member states plus the UN itself – only then may we use our own income for purchases that are offered to us.

According to the various WEF papers, even that might be questioned, as there might be shortages – artificially generated shortages of mostly food and health-support items.

That’s the plan. But will we allow them to implement it? – See this, this and this.


A distinct disclaimer is in order: What is described above is the Cabal’s plan. It’s a plan of darkness. It is a plan of the West. The Eastern alliances, Russia, China and the wider Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) are, so far, outside of the realm of the Cabal. Although the Cabal, or the Shadow Government, would like to eventually rule over the entire world – and currently makes believe that their goal will be met.

But China and Russia and their SCO coalition – are on another trek.

They are planning a multi-polar world, with an economic model (for example the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative – BRI, also called the New Silk Road) that strives for a better distribution of resources, for more equilibrium of human societies, of civilization as we know it and a world in which trade is “fair”, meaning a “win-win” transaction, where all partners win equally.

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