Prisoners in nine states will be among first to receive COVID-19 jabs


15-12-20 04:18:00,

Before the general public is given access to them, President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) will first be administered to prisoners in at least nine states.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, Montana, Nevada and the territory of Puerto Rico will all be putting their prisoners at the front of the line for injection alongside healthcare workers, long-term care facility residents, police officers and fire personnel.

In North Carolina, prisoners in jails will be part of what is called Phase 1B, which includes elderly people living in nursing homes, adult care homes, family care homes, group homes and homes serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Phase 1B comes after Phase 1A, the latter of which includes healthcare workers and medical first responders “who are at high risk of exposure based on work duties or who are vital to the initial COVID-19 vaccine distribution.”

The other states will be executing something similar, where prisoners are either in the first or second group to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, followed by people over the age of 65, school personnel, grocery store workers, and eventually everybody else once there are enough vaccines for the entire population.

These states will all presumably be receiving Pfizer’s COVID-19 jab, which the company claims, without evidence, is highly effective with minimal side effects.

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If COVID-19 vaccines are a deadly scam, is vaccinating prisoners cruel and unusual punishment?

Many of the media outlets reporting on this are coming at it from the perspective that COVID-19 vaccines are beneficial. Some of them, based on this, are saying that it is unfair for prisoners to receive the jabs first, while others say it is only right for those most vulnerable to get the protection they need.

Breitbart News, if you can believe it, seems to think that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, and that prisoners deserve to be taken care of because they are “our responsibility” as a society.

“You don’t need me to explain why jails and prisons have been coronavirus hot spots,

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