Gathering Against China


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Brian Cloughley

December 15, 2020

© Photo: REUTERS/Yves Herman

NATO 2030; United for a New Era, the recent policy paper produced by the U.S.-NATO military alliance, selects two main enemies, which of course it protests aren’t enemies at all, merely countries that threaten the world and will have to be dealt with. It is not mentioned that Russia and China are both embarked on economic campaigns to improve the living standards of their citizens and are equally resolved to secure their territories and borders against provocation by countless intrusive military operations conducted by the U.S. and some other countries’ armed forces.

NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told Politico he considers that growing challenges are being posed by China and that in consequence “To protect Europe, we need the transatlantic bond, we need North America, the U.S. and Canada… we all realize that the global balance of power is changing in a fundamental way. The rise of China is really changing the security environment we face.” He warned that the Chinese government was “investing heavily in new capabilities, including nuclear weapons, missiles, new technologies.”

The absurdity of his warning about nuclear weapons, alone, is enough to destroy his entire argument, which is based solely on finding reasons to try to justify the posture and even expansion of the U.S.-NATO military grouping which, although for the past years has focused on trying to intimidate Russia, is now seeking fresh fields to justify its continuing existence. Stoltenberg obviously doesn’t know that the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute 1920 Yearbook records the U.S. as having 1750 deployed nuclear warheads, and in 2019 “ended the practice of publicly disclosing the size of the U.S. stockpile” which is estimated at some 4,050. In contrast, as SIPRI recently noted, “China maintains an estimated total stockpile of about 260 nuclear warheads, a number which has remained relatively stable but is slowly increasing.”

But Stoltenberg refuses to acknowledge that in the somewhat unlikely event of major conflict the U.S. could reduce China to a sizzling radioactive desert, and rhapsodised that “If anything, the size of China — the military size, the economic size,

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