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“The flu season is upon us. Which type will we worry about this year, and what kind of shots will we be told to take? Remember the swine flu scare of 1976? That was the year the U.S. government told us all that swine flu could turn out to be a killer that could spread across the nation, and Washington decided that every man, woman and child in the nation should get a shot to prevent a nation-wide outbreak, a pandemic.

Well 46 million of us obediently took the shot, and now 4,000 Americans are claiming damages from Uncle Sam amounting to three and a half billion dollars because of what happened when they took that shot. By far the greatest number of the claims – two thirds of them are for neurological damage, or even death, allegedly triggered by the flu shot. (CBS, 60 MINUTES, 1979)

This 1979 CBS 60 Minutes was shown only once.



Global Research Editor’s Note

We first posted this report on July 18, 2009 at the height of the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic, at a time when the WHO and Big Pharma with the support of the mainstream media were involved in a Worldwide propaganda campaign to implement compulsory vaccination.

What this CBS report reveals is that there was “honest journalism” in 1979.

Both in 2009 during the H1N1 epidemic as well as now in relation to COVID-19, mainstream media is complicit in spreading lies and fabrications.

The H1n1 Fraud was revealed, it was the object of an investigation by the European Parliament.

Below are statements of WHO director General Margaret Chan, excerpts from press reports in 2009, followed by the transcript of the CBS 1979 Report.

Today’s mainstream media lies are unparalleled in relation to those of H1N1. Moreover, today there is a vicious campaign to suppress the truth which includes the arrest of medical doctors who have the courage to speak out.

That’s why we need an independent media.

Corruption at the WHO in 2020 far surpasses that pertaining to the H1N1 Pandemic in 2009.

Michel Chossudovsky,

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