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29-12-20 08:24:00,

Children's Health Defense

Humanity is at a crossroads. Please stand with us to continue our legal efforts.

This is why we fight: Imagine a world in which pediatricians must abandon the Hippocratic Oath and evidence-based medicine. Why? Because Big Pharma-influenced regulators will attempt to take away their medical licenses if they don’t follow CDC’s one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule, which recommends 72 vaccines for every child — even those that have already been injured.

Imagine a world with every square inch blanketed in harmful 5G radiation that is used to track the every move of every human — and there is no escaping it.

Imagine a world in which children 11 years and up are coerced into taking vaccines without their parents knowledge or consent, meaning parents won’t even have a clue what is wrong if their child’s health takes a turn for the worse.

Imagine a world in which you can’t get an education unless you subject your body to experimental medical products . . . a world in which your ability to participate in society depends on your compliance with for-profit agendas that have repeatedly proven high risk . . . where all information is censored and distorted . . . a world where there is no freedom.

This is the reality we are up against. COVID vaccine mandates are also on the horizon, so CHD is fighting every day to turn the tide. Thanks to the generosity of our community, one way we fight these battles is through litigation.

Please support our litigation efforts.

Now imagine a world where children are protected from medical tyranny and dangerous interventions and radiation; where they are free to go to school and sports without compromising their health. Imagine a world in which we the people still have rights to our own bodies and can live, work, and raise our children in a democracy. Stand at this crossroads of humanity and fight for freedom!

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