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It’s Big Pharma, It’s Big Money. It’s the multibillion dollar global vaccine market.

In August 2019, five months before the onslaught of the Covid-19 crisis, two of the largest Worldwide Pharma conglomerates decided to join hands in a strategic relationship which barely made the headlines. 

In an August 2019 Press release GSK confirmed the formation of a major partnership with Pfizer entitled the Consumer Health Joint Venture:

GlaxoSmithKline plc (LSE/NYSE: GSK) today announced that it has completed its transaction with Pfizer to combine their consumer healthcare businesses into a world-leading Joint Venture.

The agreement is far-reaching. It includes financial procedures as well as joint multibillion dollar reinvestment projects.

Does it constitute a de facto merger? According to the GSK report, the tendency is towards the integration of  the two Pharma giants.

… the Joint Venture [GSK-Pfizer] will focus on completing the integration of the two businesses, which is expected to realise annual cost savings of £0.5bn by 2022 for expected total cash costs of £0.9 billion and non-cash charges of £0.3 billion. Up to 25% of the cost savings are intended to be reinvested in the business to support innovation and other growth opportunities.

At present, five multinational companies including GSK and Pfizer control 80% of the global vaccine market. With the de facto merger, GSK-Pfizer is slated to play a dominant role.

Source Pharma Boardroom

This GSK-Pfizer relationship also encompasses a network of  partner pharmaceutical companies, research labs, virology institutes, military and biotech entities, etc. many of which are currently involved in the Covid vaccine initiative.

Covid Vaccine Financed by Soaring Public Debt

The Covid vaccine is a multibillion dollar operation which will contribute to increasing the public debt of more than 150 national governments.

Supported by the fear campaign, Money rather than Public Health is the driving force behind this initiative:

“The completion of the joint venture with Pfizer marks the beginning of the next phase of our transformation of GSK. This is an important moment for the Group, laying the foundation for two great companies, one in Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines and one in Consumer Health.”  (GSK,

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