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09-01-21 09:14:00,

An analysis of the 2020 US election

By Yana Milev.

The mysterious steep ascent of Joe Biden on the night of November 3rd to 4th

For those who followed the election rallies in October 2020 in the US, it was clear on election night on November 3rd that US President D. Trump won the elections with a landslide victory. Surprisingly, however, it was not festively loud, but suspiciously quiet. What was going on? America voted, but the results are not yet available. The counts are still in full swing.  TV stations and news media held back for three long days, the public institutions refused to congratulate D. Trump. Suddenly there was talk of D. Trump’s shrinking lead. [1] On November 7th, the new „President Elect“ was announced with a bang from TV stations like CNN and News Media: Joe Biden. From that moment on, the USA had two presidents, a „President-Elect“ without office and a 45th President who will be in office until January 20th 2021 according to the constitution. The USA now has a “President Elect” who will pretend to be in office in the White House from November 7th 2020, and a President-in-Office of the White House who refuses to leave the White House, as the media claim.[2] At the same time, the mysterious blue shift of Joe Biden, which was generated on the night of November 3rd to 4th, is shown in all independent media. As we know today, the voting machines stopped their work on the night of November 3rd to 4th at 3:42 AM. At 6:31 AM, a steep turn was made: A vote dump. Where did the voices come from?

«President Elect» – An invention of the global media machine

„President Elect“ is the newly invented title that cleverly disguises the role of the candidate and suggests that he would already be in an office from November 4th, at least in an office that is definitely outstanding. Global congratulations to the “President Elect” on November 7th were noticeable. At the very beginning of the line of congratulators was the Federal Republic of Germany with Chancellor Merkel, who warmly congratulated the President-Elect [3] on the election victory,

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