21 New Rules for 2021 – Activist Post


11-01-21 08:26:00,

By Dylan Charles

If you’re still clutching to the old normal you’re in for a world of hurt in the months and years ahead. Let go of it now or you’re going to fall behind and likely end up stuck out there with the mob, fighting for something that was never yours to begin with.

You absolutely must realize, right now, that the game has already changed and that the new rules are being written as we speak. If you cannot open up your focus enough to catch the cataclysmic changes happening within yourself, you’re going to miss the greatest opportunity of your life and risk getting thrown under the bus.

We’re moving into the Age of Aquarius and this emerging paradigm demands total inner freedom, which stands in stark contrast to the ancient paradigm of external control. This war has been brewing for a long time already, but my oh my, is it ever heating up. Prepare yourself for a colossal, even biblical struggle between these two dynamics as the universe works to restore itself to balance under a new sign. You’re not here to steer this thing to your liking, you’re here to open up to all of the possibilities this ride has to offer. Time to be the change.

And this really is the moment so many of us have been waiting for. The matrix control system was never going to come to an end without revealing itself for what it really is. It’s finally all out in the open for everyone to see now, and it’s clear to those who choose to look that the hammer is coming down and the system is going for broke in its effort to consume the entire human race.

Those who learn to stay continually aligned with their inner truth will be able to avoid slipping into conformity, dependence, fear, group-think and herd stupidity. You’re going to need the the tools, temperament, tenacity and spirit to navigate this, or you’re gonna get fried by stress, overwhelmed by fear, and you’ll end up stuck with the other sheeple in one of the pop-media narratives, blindly carrying out someone else’s agenda.

Your energy will be entirely consumed by external events,

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