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As the crackdown on lockdown ‘violators’ is being amped up by the authorities in the UK, police were criticised for boasting about fining a person who they witnessed eating a kebab in their car, alone.

Avon and Somerset Police tweeted about the incident which occurred over the weekend at Cheddar Gorge, a place of natural beauty in the South West of the country.

The issue, police say, is that the person drove 20 miles from Bristol to eat the kebab.

Police bragged about patrolling the area to punish people they deemed to be breaking lockdown:

Patrols of Cheddar Gorge this evening resulted in multiple vehicles being dispersed and 7 fixed penalty notices being issued for breaching Covid-19 legislation. Travelling from Bristol to Cheddar to sit and eat kebabs in your vehicle is not a reasonable excuse! #staysafe

— ASPolice Sedgemoor (@ASPSedgemoor) January 9, 2021

In a further statement to media, police said that while “patrolling in Cheddar [they] engaged with a number of people who were sitting in parked cars in Cheddar Gorge.”

“Officers took the decision to issue fixed penalty notices to seven individuals whom they determined were not local to the area, were not members of the same household, and did not have a valid reason for their journey under the current COVID-19 regulations,” the statement continued.

“We would ask that people follow the regulations, only travel when it is essential and take exercise locally to their home address, in order to save lives and protect the NHS,” the statement concluded, parroting government rhetoric.

The Police are asking the public to report lockdown violators:

Thanks for your message. We can’t take info or reports via social media. Please use our online form to report breaches of COVID-19 regulations or call 101 if the breach is happening now: – thank you.

— Avon and Somerset Police (@ASPolice) January 11, 2021

With the COVID-19 risk at an all-time high, we’re asking the public to remain vigilant for signs of unlicensed music events being set up.

We need to know if you suspect an event is being organised so that we can intervene early to prevent it.

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