Nationwide Dementiafest: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


23-01-21 08:32:00,

Joe Biden. Joe Biden. Joe fucking fucking motherfucking Biden. In a country of 328 million people the guy that gets elevated to the top is literally one of the very worst human beings in the entire population. That’s the “democracy” you’re being told is under attack.

And this isn’t even prime Joe Biden. This is coming out of retirement for a half-assed exhibition match Joe Biden. This is way past sell-by date Joe Biden. This is Joe Biden with missing pieces. That’s the sort of animal that rises to the highest elected office in US “democracy”.

The inauguration was a whole internet of liberals performing amazing mental contortions to forget that Joe Biden is a disgusting piece of shit. Now everyone has forgotten who Joe Biden is, including Joe Biden. A nationwide dementiafest.

Obama campaigned on Hope and Change and delivered nothing but neoliberal oppression and imperialist mass murder. Biden campaigned on “Fuck you, no” and people think he’s somehow going to deliver something positive.

People are so cute.

Joe Biden would be the absolute dead worst Democratic primary candidate if he runs, far worse than any of the other corporate whores they’ve got lined up. Overall there’s no reason to believe he’d be any better than the current asshole in the White House.

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) April 10, 2019

You can do it Democrats! Just two years of stalling progressive change before you lose the House and Senate and can start claiming the lack of progress is due to an obstructionist congress!

I still can’t get over the fact that Dems consciously chose not to give Americans the amount of money they said they would. They discussed it, then said “Nah. Too much. Subtract that $600 from before.”

Leftist: There’s been a bombing!

Liberal: Oh no! Where??

Leftist: The Middle East and Africa mostly. Our government drops bombs there every day.

Liberal: Ohh thank God. I thought you meant a bombing of real people.

Ask people if they believe all lives are of equal value regardless of where in the world they live and how much money they have,

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