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Published on January 24, 2021

Written by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

No one knows how many people the vaccines are killing – or how many they will kill. But although I haven’t seen the mainstream media mention most of these deaths, people have already died or been injured after being given the vaccine:

1) A 41-year-old Portuguese mother of two who worked in paediatrics died at a hospital in Porto just two days after being vaccinated against covid-19
Norway investigating death of two people who…

3) Chinese health experts call to suspend the use of mRNA-based covid-19 vaccines following the deaths of 23 elderly people in Norway.
Death of Florida Doctor

5) A 32-year-old medical doctor suffered seizures and was paralysed after receiving the covid-19 vaccine.
55 people have died in US after receiving covid-19 vaccines

7) A 46-year-old healthcare worker dies 24 hours after receiving the covid-19 vaccine but government says death is not related to the jab
German specialists probing 10 deaths of people vaccinated against covid-19

9) Norway warns frail patients over 80 of vaccine risks after deaths
Norway investigates…

11) Doctors in California call for urgent halt of moderna vaccines after many fall sick
Two people die…

13) Coronavirus vaccine put on hold as volunteer suffers serious adverse reaction
California pause some…

15) Thousands of covid vaccine injuries and 13 U.S. deaths reported
Nursing home had zero deaths…

17) Baseball legend dies of ‘undisclosed cause’ 18 days after receiving covid vaccine
Woman injured…

19) Mother seriously injured by covid vaccine (Warning disturbing video).
vaccine side effects

Personal experiences relating to the new covid vaccines (Very important. Please read and share)

3) Pathogenic priming in older adults yet another concern with covid-19 vaccines
Second dose of covid vaccine

5) CDC: Anaphylaxis rate with covid vax 10 times greater than for flu shots
Warning: mixing…

7) UK draws up plans to mix coronavirus vaccines
Helsinki Committee…

9) 12,400 people in Israel tested positive for coronavirus after being injected with the Pfizer vaccine
Australian vaccine abandoned…

11) More vaccine adverse event reports
(Here is the link to the draft working list)

Since I believe everyone is entitled to know what side effects there could be with a heavily promoted vaccine,

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