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26-01-21 05:58:00,

The next Pentagon Red Flag exercise runs January 25 to February 12 from the Nevada Test and Training Range and Nellis Air Force Base. Manilo Dinucci reported in June [1] that the Nellis 5G network would be fully operational and an active component of this year’s exercises.

At Red Flag 2021, 5G relocatable cell towers, that can be set up and taken down in less than an hour, will be probably already operating to be tested in a real environment. Nellis base is the fifth base selected by the Pentagon to test the military use of 5G: the others are located in Utah, Georgia, California and Washington State.

5G will allow the entire command and control system of the United States armed forces to be strengthened worldwide.

5G will play a decisive role particularly in the use of hypersonic weapons which travel at speeds exceeding 10 times that of sound also equipped with nuclear warheads.

5G will also be extremely important for secret services, making control and intelligence systems much more effective than those currently used.

These exercises significantly increase the radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMF) emissions in the U.S. due to radar, communications, GPS jamming, EMF weapons, satellites, and other equipment. The serious health problems experienced throughout the country have included cardiac disorders, severe sleep disruption, microwave hearing, and other neurological problems. RF-EMF also impacts the immune system – at a time when Americans need a strong immune system — and is a known carcinogen and causes genetic and DNA damage. In addition, it harms wildlife including bees and other insects, especially 5G millimeter waves.[2]

Due to the environmental and public health hazards, these military exercises must be halted immediately. I urge everyone to contact the U.S. Surgeon General and other state and federal officials now.

2021 exercises at the Nevada Test and Training Range:

  • Red Flag 21-1: 1/25/21 to 2/12/21
  • Red Flag 21-2: 3/8/21 – 3/19/21
  • Red Flag 21-3: 7/19/21 – 8/6/21

WSINT – Weapons School Integration

  • 21A 5/24 – 6/17/21
  • 21B 11/22 – 12/16/21
  • JFEX – Joint Forcible Entry Exercise –
  • 21A – June 12, 2021
  • 21B Dec.

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