Wash Post says businesses that warn about vaccine dangers should be excluded from PPP loans and government assistance


26-01-21 10:09:00,

When the forces of Marxism successfully seize the institutions of a country, make a mockery of the rule of law, and destroy the very fabric of a republic, censorship is just the beginning of evils set to be unleashed. Communism does not stop at censorship. In order to force widespread submission to their totalitarian goals, communists will segregate anyone who dissents, shaming them and taking away their ability to participate in society and earn a living.

Americans are not only subject to censorship based on their political ideas, their thirst for justice and their personal medical decisions, but now entire businesses are being targeted for financial censorship, based merely on the presentation of research, facts and experience. Americans are now subject to corporate blacklisting that permeates not only their social media accounts, but also their ability to conduct business and hold careers. This blacklisting has already devolved into the act of segregation. For example, look no further than what the Washington Post has proposed for any business that dares question the government and speak out about the dangers of untested, experimental vaccines…

WashPost calls for financial segregation of anyone who questions vaccines and government

The Washington Post says that businesses that warn about vaccine dangers should be excluded from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). These PPP loans were provided to businesses amid state-wide shutdowns to help these businesses retain their workforce and salvage their venture. The Washington Post would like to withhold government assistance from anyone who speaks out about vaccine injury and adverse events, and encourages the blacklisting of organizations and groups that seek to promote human health without coercing vaccine compliance.

WashPost has targeted five organizations specifically — shaming these groups for spreading “misleading information” about covid-19. WashPost wrote that the government should not be giving financial assistance to groups that oppose public health and the government’s own agenda.

WashPost is preparing the public to accept preconditions for all future government assistance programs. This is a scary precedent that will lead to further control over people’s speech and body autonomy. This is also one of the conditions for controlling the world population, outlined in the United Nation’s “Great Reset.”

Public health officials, including World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,

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