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“Love greetings to Moscow: Biden threatens to end Putin’s ‘tyranny’”. Biden made this poisoned “promise” to the Russian president long before his stolen election as the new US president (1). About the upcoming private meeting of selected warmongers in Munich, he says: “Like no other global forum, Munich connects European leaders and thinkers with their peers from across the world (2).” However, the only certain thing about this so-called security conference – postponed because of the Corona plague – is that the world’s worst warmongers are again beating the war drums. This year, possibly for a new war against Russia. Peoples hear the signals!

Almost 80 years ago – in the summer of 1941 – fascist Germany invaded the Soviet Union – not without the support of Western states – and left behind a record of horror: an estimated 13 million dead soldiers, 14 million dead civilians and 3 million dead prisoners of war (3). And only three generations later, the war drums are being beaten for a new war against Russia. Therefore, continue to sign the Public Declaration of 8/9 May 2018 in the “Neue Rheinische Zeitung (NRhZ)” (4): “We Europeans say NO to war against Russia!”

For the younger generation, who do not know what war means, the Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov describes in the story “Gold Trail of Sheaves” how the “Great Patriotic War” broke out over the Soviet Union and instantly changed the lives of young and old (5). Often only very personal accounts reach people’s hearts.

In a conversation with Mother Earth in Aitmatov’s narrative, Mother Tolgonai, who lost her husband and a son in that war, says:

    “Consider, dear Earth, it is precisely your best workers, your most skilled masters, that war murders. I do not agree with it, my whole life I do not agree with it! People can and must put a stop to war (6).”

“The happiness of the farmer lies in sowing and harvesting”

At the beginning of the story,

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