Lockdown until SEPTEMBER: Boris faces major rebellion as he pleads for six month extension


27-01-21 03:37:00, BORIS Johnson is facing a major rebellion in March if he has not started easing lockdown restrictions and doesn’t have a plan in place to end them altogether.

PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sun, Jan 24, 2021

| UPDATED: 15:10, Tue, Jan 26, 2021

UK lockdown may last longer due to new variants says expert

The Prime Minister will be asking MPs to agree to the six month renewal of the Government’s so-called Henry VIII emergency powers to be able to impose restrictions at will to tackle the pandemic. But already senior MPs in his own party have warned that significant numbers could vote against unless there are moves to end lockdown and revitalise the economy. Former cabinet minister Esther McVey, the founder of the powerful Blue Collar Conservatism Movement, said: “It is absolutely essential that once the most vulnerable groups have been vaccinated the government start easing the lockdowns. 

“These restrictions are doing huge damage to people’s livelihoods and mental health in particular, and the government must start to stand up to those siren voices who want lockdowns and restriction to become a near permanent feature of our lives. 

“If the government don’t start making rapid headway in doing that it will be the duty of Parliament to remove these swingeing powers from them.”

She also raised concerns over the way seemingly exaggerated estimates are being used to push public policy.

Previously there have been question marks over Professor Neil Ferguson’s claims that 500,000 would die of covid-19 which initiated the first lockdown and then the claims by Professor chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Valance in the late autumn of 5,000 infections a day which preceded the second lockdown. 

Boris Johnson

The PM will face major rebellion in March if he does not start easing lockdown restrictions (Image: Getty )

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Ms McVey argued that the concerns are highlighted in a written answer on prisoner deaths.

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