Club Of Rome: The Origin Of Climate And Population Alarmism


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This view from Sweden reiterates the history of climate alarmism as being rooted in the Club of Rome, Maurice Strong, and the Rockefeller dynasty. When David Rockefeller created the Trilateral Commission in 1973, its stated goal was to “foster a New International Economic Order.”

Today, there are several synonyms for the NIEO: Circular economy, smart growth, sustainable development, Green New Deal and the Great Reset. These all point back to historic Technocracy, a resource-based economic system vs the price-based system of Free Market Economic theory. ⁃ Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

By: Henrik Nilsson via Factuality

In the shadow of the Corona pandemic, Sweden has introduced a new environmental strategy called “Circular Economy – Strategy for the Transition in Sweden”. This agreement between the government, the Center Party and the Liberals will bring about a dramatic change in our entire society where red-green socialism has a full impact.

Circular Economy is based on the recycling tank and maximum utilization of all resources. Fine words which, unfortunately, conceal a dark backside, namely a red-green agenda that benefits a few, restricts our freedom and harms the environment. To be effective over time, you need the Internet of Things, with constant connection where all material flows and are followed in real time throughout the life cycle. According to philosophy, this should lead to a world without waste, since clothing, furniture, lighting, appliances and means of transport are not owned but rented, which is giving producers incentives to make products more sustainable.


Entrepreneurs and freelancers will market themselves through digital platforms, providing reduced prices and greater accessibility for the consumer. Companies such as Airbnb for the rental of private homes and Uber for taxi ordering are now increasing frivolous competition from operators without professional experience, training, union membership, fixed costs or tax liability in the form of VAT and employer’s contributions. This provides access to global labor for temporary jobs offered by TaskRabbit, Ryan Air or Amazon, which has been criticized for a race to the bottom with temporary microjobs without any security whatsoever.

Circular Economy is based on the circularity, which unfortunately hides a dark backside, namely a red-green agenda that benefits a few while most people have to manage their way with temporary low-wage jobs without any security.

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