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First published on January 28, 2020

This incisive article focusses on Mohandas Gandhi‘s call for non-violence, while underscoring today’s instruments of violence –including economic violence– exerted with impunity by the upper echelons of the financial establishment.

Robert J. Burrowes describes the complexities of the World prior to the onset of the Corona Crisis (in late January) as:

“an interrelated series of military, nuclear, ecological, economic, geoengineering, 5G, biodiversity and climate crises”

“The World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, which had no problem co-opting the usual range of concerned high-profile individuals to participate in (and thus add a veneer of legitimacy to) its annual forum [January 2020] despite its extensively documented role in killing and exploiting fellow human beings and plundering the Earth while obscuring and ‘greenwashing’ its violence using the corporate media.”

And these are the Davos people committed to enforcing a “New Normal” of  engineered unemployment and poverty, which is presented to public opinion as a humanitarian public health endeavour.

We refer you to an extensive archive of articles by Robert J. Burrowes on conflict, non violence and international solidarity.

Michel Chossudovsky, January 30, 2021,  on the 73d commemoration of Mohandas Gandhi’s assassination


As we approach the 73d anniversary of the assassination of Mohandas K. Gandhi on 30 January 1948, it is worth reflecting on one simple fact that he did not realize. His efforts to teach humanity that conflict, including violent conflict, could be resolved without violence were based on one fundamentally flawed assumption: that at least some humans were interested in, and committed to, seeking out and using nonviolent strategies for dealing with conflict in each and every context.

Unfortunately, as his own experience taught him and he showed clear signs of realizing towards the end of his life, the fundamental truth is that humans love violence and it is this love of violence that will ensure the extinction of Homo sapiens in the near term absent a profound response that shows no sign of emerging yet. See Human Extinction Now Imminent and Inevitable? A Report on the State of Planet Earth’.

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