Coronavirus outbreaks kill dozens at care homes


01-02-21 01:45:00,

Twenty four elderly residents have died after an outbreak of Covid-19 at a Hampshire care home, while a second care home tragedy in the Midlands has left nine dead.

The residents at Pemberley House care home, Basingstoke, died in the last few weeks following the virus outbreak earlier this month, in what is one of the worst known outbreaks in a care home in England.

In a similar tragedy, nine elderly residents have died at Seagrave House care home in Corby, Northamptonshire, and it is feared dozens more are fighting infections.

Both care homes are operated by Avery Healthcare, with the company saying staff were ‘deeply saddened’ by the deaths following the Basingstoke outbreak. 

In a statement, a spokesperson said: ‘We are deeply saddened by the loss of a number of our residents at our care home in Basingstoke, and our thoughts are with all the family and friends who have lost loved ones during this very difficult time.

Twenty four elderly residents died after an outbreak of Covid-19 at Pemberley House care home, Basingstoke (pictured) following a virus outbreak that was found on January 5

‘Staff have, and continue to work tirelessly throughout the pandemic to protect residents and each other.

‘Our focus remains on supporting the wellbeing of residents, families, and staff as we work through this together.’

The Care Quality Commission said it has been notified of the cluster of 24 deaths, which had followed an outbreak of Covid-19 at the home earlier this month.

A spokesman said it was not yet confirmed if all 24 deaths were directly caused by a Covid-19 infection. The deaths mean over a third of the home’s residents have died.

The care home is in the Viables area of Basingstoke, south of the town centre. There was a spike in coronavirus cases in this district of the town earlier this month, according to the government’s Covid-19 data dashboard.

During the first week in January there were 101 positive tests reported in the area, which was equivalent to an infection rate of 1,289.4 cases per 100,000 people.

This was the highest rate recorded in the area since the start of the pandemic and one of the highest rates in the country.

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