Revolution Isn’t Microsurgery, It’s A Long Road Trip


01-02-21 12:33:00,

Every day it seems like there’s more sectarian fighting within the online left than the day before.

Maybe it’s because lockdowns and social distancing have largely cut us off from in-person interactions. Maybe it’s because generations of government psyops geared at stopping socialism and activist groups have left us all paranoid and hostile. Maybe it’s because of increased infiltration and propaganda as a dying empire approaches crunch time.  Maybe we just tend to be a bit more neurotic than other ideological groups. Maybe it’s a mixture.

It feels like a state of paralysis. Someone will suggest some possible way to create movement and then the online left will split into a game of sectarian tug-of-war between two factions screaming “NOOOO NOT THAT WAY!” and “YES, THIS IS THE WAY!” at each other, with the net result of course being that nothing ends up happening and the bastards remain in charge.

And what’s funny is we all more or less agree on what we want our final end point to be: a peaceful and just society in which we are driven not by competition and the pursuit of profit but by the healthy desire to collaborate with each other and with our ecosystem toward the greater good of everyone, each according to their need. A quick glance around the world will show you that we are very, very, very far from this goal, but any time anyone suggests the possibility of taking even one single step in that direction, everyone starts screaming in objection.

Lefties often act as though every movement toward health has to be precision-perfect, as if we were keyhole surgeons cutting out cancer with mere millimeters of room with which to make precise decisions. But we are not millimeters away from health: we are whole continents away. If the tumor was in a hospital in New York, we are in a beat-up truck in Tijuana, screaming at each other about what tiny micromovements to make with our scalpel when we really need to just pick a street that heads vaguely northeast and start fucking driving.

Anyone who thinks we are millimeters away from health and every movement has to be policed with exacting precision has no comprehension of the how far away we are from the hospital,

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