Psychological manipulation: Media says rich people are cutting ahead of you to get coronavirus vaccines


03-02-21 04:02:00,

Another report has surfaced to suggest that society’s high rollers are trying to get Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines before everybody else, the idea being to generate more demand for the unwanted jab.

The latest incident occurred at Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue, Wash., which apparently sent out an email to 100 of its benefactors offering them a special “invitation” to get vaccinated at the front of the line.

“We’re pleased to share that we have 500 new open appointments in the Overlake COVID-19 vaccine clinic,” the email read, also containing a special access code for priority registration.

Somehow the media got hold of this leaked email and is now spreading it around in an attempt to upset people who are now thinking to themselves: Hey, that’s not fair! Why should they get it first? Is it because they’re rich and I’m not.

You can think of it like reverse psychology, which was similarly used in other reports from back in December claiming that celebrities were paying their exclusive doctors upwards of $25,000 a pop for priority access to Chinese virus vaccines.

According to Overlake Medical Center, the list of 100 benefactors who received its email were “volunteers, retired nurses and physicians, all employees and about 100 donors from our Foundation database.”

“We recognize we made a mistake by including a subset of our donors and by not adopting a broader outreach strategy to fill these appointments, and we apologize,” the facility added in a statement.

That statement went on to claim that the hospital’s “intent and commitment has always been to administer every vaccine made available to us safely, appropriately, and efficiently.”

In truth, the government is probably sitting on a glut of  coronavirus vaccines that nobody wants

Gov. Jay Inslee later weighed in – because why not? – with the suggestion that the priority access list was “unintentional,” and more of a mistake than actual policy.

“If, in fact, they were giving preference to some VIP list, that’s not the way to do it.” Inslee stated. “That is not acceptable for us. We need to give everybody a fair shot at the vaccine.”

Again, you can probably tell that there is a whole lot of reverse psychology at play to try to drum up more interest in the failed vaccines,

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